Anyone the Accessories are given by you too will like it, colors are amazing

Wow, SUPER sparkly and shiny!!I wasn’t sure it would fit the wide variety of wrists (the bridesmaids are different sizes) but no worries, this bracelet has a nice dangle that change up to any size (trust me, ANY size!) The shades are a full rainbow of sparkles.I chose this because it’s quickly seen and matches any color dress.

In regards to the plants, my pair were almost specifically alike and comparable to the provided picture, not all flowers will be the same and people have to keep that at heart.My only complaint will be that the stamp 925 on the metal also has yet another stamp that reads ‘MEXICO’ rather than that I brain the products origin, but I’d rather it not have been about the jewelry or at least a less noticeable place.

We ordered these in purple plus they are stunning!The picture here just does not do them justice.One reviewer said they are dark, they are, however they are zero darker than the picture representation here about Amazon.They certainly are a nice size and very tasteful and pretty.We found these in a magazine plus they were selling for approximately $55 so this is an excellent deal!I was just so tickled when We opened them up and saw how pretty these were.

I wear this couple of earrings and they have no signals of tarnishing frequently.The quality of the metal is high which means this doesn’t occur.For those that knowledge this nagging problem, these earrings will be the best.You can put them on without worrying that the setting will be affected.The posts are long enough to support thicker earlobes, but not too long that they dig in to the relative back of your mind.You can sleep without taking them out.They are comfortable and will not irritate your ears, even after prolonged wearing.

What a surprise!They sparkle, look authentic, strong post and prongs.Originally purchased simply because anice looking earring to wear to the beach and if lost wasn’t an enormous strain BUT I’m wearing them daily.Ideal for authentic appearance.The packaging is outstanding.Blue outerbox, blue wrap, and a smaller sized blue box inside.The box makes them appear expensive!

The strand is well put and very elegant together. The clasp includes a hint of Victorian elegance to it even.They came in a nice box, so the presentation is fantastic as well as having a accepted spot to keep them clean and preserved.I have a feeling we’ll be holding on to them for a long time!

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